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Some amazing folks at Structure Films are putting together the ultimate Bill Nye documentary. I’ve already written about it over at Nerdy Show, but I’m speaking up again today for the #BillBillBill campaign.


See, I was a weird kid growing up. (Surprise!) I loved school and I loved learning new things. But my friends and classmates didn’t share my excitement. Nor did my siblings, when I used summer vacations to play “teacher” and taught them all the amazing things I learned. I just didn’t understand why people didn’t enjoy learning as much as I did.

But then came Bill. Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy was the first time my friends, family, classmates, and I all agreed that learning was fun.

It was then I knew I wanted to do what he did. I wanted to be smart like he was. And most importantly, I wanted to show people that learning was fun.

So I became an engineer, and after graduation started working in the education department at a microcontroller and robotics company. There, I spearheaded the creation of educational project videos, designed to show people how to make fun projects with electronics. It was just me and a camera on a tripod, but I did my best to think of exercises  and jokes that would excite students just as much as Bill Nye the Science Guy. (Trust me, I didn’t come close, but I tried!)

Now I work at an EdTech startup, still trying to engage the world and show them that learning is fun (and a lifelong pursuit!). And I wouldn’t be here if Bill didn’t show me that others could be convinced that learning was fun. I probably would have become a jaded jerk.

So please, do back the Bill Nye Film, and give back to the man who gave us so much. Or, if you’ve liked any of the educational material I’ve produced, please help the guy that I’ve looked up to for so long.

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