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Things I Teach


In addition to being a Program Manager at Udacity, I’ve also had the incredible opportunity to develop some of our courses. These include:

How to Make an App: From Drawing Board to App Store

App Monetization: Develop a Sustainable Financial Strategy

Intro to HTML and CSS: Not Your Typical Intro to Web Dev



During my time at Parallax Inc., I produced a series of how-to videos designed to help customers do more with our core educational projects. I won a “Makey” from MAKE Magazine in 2011 for my work, and you can see a few of my favorites below!

How to: The Basics of Breadboarding

Magic BS2 Board

S2 Robot Hokey Pokey


To accompany the above videos, I also authored detailed tutorials to that people could use reproduce the content (or teachers could use in class for those students who always work ahead). You can find these at, or check out a few highlights:

A Wireless Musical Keyboard

Christmas Caroling Robot

DIY Propeller QuickStart Radio